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Slip and fall – Dog Bites – Premise Liabilities

As you go about your daily life – shopping, dining, exercising, or going to school – the last thing you expect is to suffer an injury at one of your trusted locales. Unfortunately, there are many dangerous situations that can cause injuries on properties throughout California. California law states that property owners must maintain their properties in a way that is safe for those who enter. 

Common Premises Liability Claims in California

At Banderas Law, two of the most common premises liability cases that we encounter at our practice are: 

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are the most common cause of slip and fall injury claims. These claims arise from accidents involving defective sidewalks, wet surfaces, uneven flooring, potholes, and parking lot hazards. When injuries occur, the person who is responsible for maintaining the property is liable for the cost of medical care and other expenses. 

Dog Bite Injuries

Every year, thousands of people are injured due to dog bites. Many of these injuries are catastrophic, and the worst are fatal. In California, dog owners have strict liability for their pets. If you are harmed by a dog on your property, the owner’s property, or public property, you are entitled to compensation for your medical and other costs. 

If you are injured due to a dangerous property, you may be entitled to compensation. The team at Banderas Law can review your situation and determine if you have a premises liability claim.