May 12, 2023

How and When Do I Benefit from Attorney Client Privilege?

The Small Business Lawyers

The attorney-client privilege is a legal protection that keeps communications between an attorney and his or her client confidential. This protection encourages clients to communicate openly and honestly with their attorneys, knowing that their communications will remain confidential. Among the most critical aspects of the lawyer-client privilege is the advice you will receive from your lawyers. This includes the analysis of your case even before you hire the firm. Lawyers are required by law to respect and keep secret all the information and details that you communicate to them about your case. In this process, discussions will be held about your case, sharing evidence, and documents that support the facts and, above all, asking all the necessary questions so that both parties understand the case well and the lawyers can identify the legal options.

Second, the attorney-client privilege supports the confidentiality of all information shared. This term means that lawyers cannot share or disclose your information without your consent. It is crucial that you have entire confidence in telling your attorneys as many details as you can remember about your case. Regardless of whether you think these details may affect your case or not. Your lawyers will know how to handle the information to build your legal case.

Third, in this type of relationship, there are limited exceptions. We mean that there are certain exceptions in which the privilege may not apply. We recommend you consult with your lawyer about these conditions so that he can recommend what to do. One example is if you disclose your intent to commit a crime in the future, the privilege may not protect those communications.

Fourth, you, as the client, can waive your attorney-client privilege at any time. Finally, maintain open communication with your lawyers. We recommend that you ask them all the questions you have to fully understand this benefit and assess whether it is convenient for you to work with them.