December 23, 2022

Why Do I Need a Lawyer For My Case?

If someone suffers a personal injury, whether from car accidents, defective products, slips, falls, or medical negligence, among other causes, it is understandable to feel anxious because there will be many issues to solve and details to attend to.

The immediate action that injured persons are likely to take is to seek medical attention.

Sometimes a superficial injury can be quickly taken care of and relieved, but other more serious physical health complications need ongoing medical treatment.

Other additional problems generated by accidents are:

  • Medical bills add up quickly.
  • Loss of work time or employment.
  • Loss of income or salary due to not being able to work.
  • Unforeseen expenses in case of death, such as funeral services.
  • Expensive damage to the property of third parties must also be paid.
  • Lawsuits for various reasons due to the accident.

In the United States, personal injury law favors that victims of accidents due to another person’s negligence can claim compensation.

Claims usually start with insurance companies. But it is all too common for insurers to dispute the nature and severity of the injuries. They tend to refuse to compensate for the expenses.

Often, some people attempt to handle these insurance claims on their own and only consider hiring a lawyer once the lawsuit becomes complicated.

If your injuries are severe, you must consult an attorney early to seek advice before you decide to pursue any claim on your own. Personal injury law varies by state and has strict deadlines for filing a lawsuit.

Reasons why it is better to have the help of a lawyer:

– A lawyer can deal with insurance companies

– A lawyer can represent you in dealing with the police and the courts

– An attorney can help establish fault or liability for the accident