January 27, 2023

Myths and misconceptions about personal injury cases

For most people, filing a personal injury claim after being involved in an accident is a new and unfamiliar process. It’s no secret that there are many myths about personal injury claims, but it’s crucial that you don’t get misled. Unfortunately, believing these myths can result in you never receiving the compensation you need to recover.

● Myth #1: A claim through a lawyer can last forever: The truth is that each legal process is complex, and the development time to reach an agreement may vary depending on each case. With a lawyer, the development of a case might take a little longer, but this is in response to the fact that a lawyer will build a stronger case.

● Myth #2: You will have to make court appearances: As a matter of fact, not all personal injury cases necessarily have to go to court. 95% of cases are usually resolved between agreements between both parties. But, if your case is complex and the other party does not want to reach a fair agreement, you will probably have to take your case to court.

● Myth #3: You have unlimited time to file a claim: Each state has its statute of limitations, in which a person can file a lawsuit after an accident. A lawyer knows the times that apply to each type of case well.

● Myth #4: Personal injury lawyers are greedy: Insurance companies are the first to promote the false image that lawyers are greedy or dishonest.

● Myth #5: The insurance company wants to be fair: Insurers will always approach victims showing interest in their well-being, but the reality is that it is only a strategy. Insurers will always initially seek to settle a personal injury case by offering the lowest compensation possible.

Do you recognize any of these fears or false beliefs regarding your personal injury case?

Please do not feel bad. It is normal to fall into these myths due to ignorance of the laws. We encourage you to contact us to evaluate your case and create a legal strategy to get the compensation you deserve.