May 26, 2023

Five Visibility Issues that Can Cause a Car Accident

In our new blog, you will learn about five potential visibility problems that can contribute to car accidents. Addressing these visibility issues is crucial to promoting road safety.

1. Bad Weather Conditions: Severe weather conditions, heavy rain, snow, hail, tornado alert, etc. They can significantly reduce visibility on streets and highways.

2. Clogged or dirty windshield: A dirty glass can reduce your visibility considerably. Before driving, always clean the glass and make sure that the windshields are working correctly. Among the most common ways a glass gets dirty are dust, misted windshields, and animal droppings, especially birds. Sometimes if the glass is cleaned with a liquid not suitable for that function, it can generate stains that prevent correct visibility.

3. Damaged or defective headlights: It is a priority that your car’s headlights perform their function correctly, not only for your safety but also for the safety of other vehicles on the road, pedestrians, or even people traveling on bicycles or motorcycles. In the case of encountering heavy rain at night or even during the day, it can cause serious visibility problems.

4. Poorly adjusted rearview mirrors: This is a very common mistake, especially in people who share the car with other people. Whenever you drive a car, you should check that the mirrors adjust to you. In this way, you can avoid the danger generated by blind spots.

5. Tinted Windows: Excessive window tinting or the use of certain types of obstructions, stickers, decals, or hanging objects can limit the driver’s visibility.

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